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Hua Hin Railway Station listed among the most beautiful train stations in the world

Hua Hin Railway Station has been listed among the most beautiful train stations in the world, according to

The website listed Hua Hin Railway Station as the 24th most beautiful train station out of thirty seven included in the list.

“Whether it’s on your daily commute or on daring adventures across the globe, you’d be amazed to find that some of the world’s most stunning architecture can be found in train stations,” the website reads.

“Next time you find yourself booking a worldly adventure, make sure to plan a stop at any one of these renowned stations.”

Of Hua Hin Railway Station, the Architectural Digest website says:

In Hua Hin, Thailand, the Hua Hin train station is one of the country’s oldest railway hubs.

Built in a traditional Thai architectural style, perhaps the small station’s most striking space is the Royal Waiting Room, erected in 1911 during the reign of King Rama.

However, it’s been knocked down and rebuilt more than a few times.

The original station building was erected a year earlier in 1910 and later rebuilt in 1926 by Prince Purachatra Jayakara, who wanted a more Victorian feel for the petite structure.

And in 1967, Colonel Saeng Chulacharit planned for a relocation of the Sanam Chandra Palace Railway pavilion to what is currently in Hua Hin.

The website listed the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, which opened in Lower Manhattan in March, as the world’s most beautiful train station.

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, which was designed by British architect Arthur Benison Hubback and opened in 1910, is the second most beautiful railway station in the world, the website said.

Architectural Digest magazine was launched in 1920 and celebrates all aspects of international design and architecture.

Hua Hin Railway Station is currently undergoing significant redevelopment.

As part of the construction of Thailand’s new Southern Line, a new train station, which includes an elevated platform is in the process of being built.

However, railway officials say the original station building will remain in place after the new station opens in 2023.

The original station building is likely to become a museum, officials have said previously.

The colour scheme and design of the new train station has also been inspired by the original station building.


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