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Hua Hin’s October 1 reopening under threat

With just 10% of locals vaccinated, Hua Hin’s October 1 reopening under threat

One of the key people behind the “Hua Hin Recharge” plan to reopen the holiday resort to foreign tourists come October 1st has indicated the plan may never get off the ground due to a slow rollout of Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr. Pornrawee Seeleuangsawat who also represents SME’s in Prachuap Khirikhan province said that many people had been working on the reopening plan.

But it was all dependent on vaccination and so far only 10% of the people in Hua Hin had been jabbed.

The aim was to vaccinate 100% of workers in the city and 70% of the general public.

She noted that there are 66,000 residents but a lot more people who are there in the tourism and other industries.

No one will come if the vaccination promises are not kept, she said, pointing at the critical delivery of 350,000 promised doses by the end of August as crucial to the reopening plan.

Dr Pornrawee appeal to the government to accelerate the rollout of the vaccine and to all other agencies to work together to ensure vaccines are administered promptly.


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