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Hua Hin touted as possible location for Thailand’s first legal casino

Hua Hin has been proposed as a possible location for Thailand’s first legal casino.

The ambitious proposals have been put forward by prominent local businessman and government advisor Udorn Olsson.

Khun Udorn recently took to Facebook to put forward the case for a state of the art entertainment complex that would not only be beneficial for Hua Hin but for the tourism industry in Thailand as a whole.

Khun Udorn said that both Thai and foreign investors were ready to invest in such a project, which could bring in an estimated 4 trillion baht in revenue.

The project would enable Hua Hin to rival other destinations in Thailand such as Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

The complex would have a casino, motor racing track, theme park, world class hotels and shopping facilities.

Khun Udorn, who is a central figure in the ongoing redevelopment of Hua Hin Airport, said that the airport upgrade points to a bright future for Hua Hin, but further development of Hua Hin would help attract more international travellers and big spenders.

In addition, Khun Udorn said that a ferry service connecting Hua Hin and Pattaya and Hua Hin and Samut Prakan should be also launched.

He said such projects would have enormous benefits for Hua Hin.

While the proposals have reportedly received backing by parties on all sides of the political divide, the actuality of a legal casino ever opening in Thailand is far being from a sure bet.

The issue of gambling and allowing casinos to operate in Thailand has been debated in parliament for decades.

Apart from the state backed national lottery, gambling in all other forms is illegal in Thailand.

However, that’s not to say gambling doesn’t take place.

Later this week, parliamentarians are once more set to the debate the possibility of opening a legal casino in Thailand.


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