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Motorists in Thailand can now use digital driving licenses

Motorists in Thailand can now leave their physical driving license at home after transport officials announced the introduction of digital driving licenses.

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has confirmed that rather than using a physical driving license, motorists can instead use a digital license via the DLT’s mobile application.

In order to use the digital driving license, motorists must swap their existing license to a new ‘smart’ license, which includes a QR code on the reverse and will then be linked to the mobile app. The change can be made at any DLT branch.

Once in possession of a smart license, motorists can upload a screen capture of their license to the app, which can then be used as valid identification when dealing with government agencies or in other official capacities.

The DLT said that in order for the screen capture to be approved, it must clearly display all the readable information on both the front and back of the license, as well as the QR code.

Motorists who are due to renew their license will now be issued with a smart license, the DLT said.

The DLT said that motorists still need a physical license in order to be able to legally drive in Thailand but can use the digital version as a means of ID.

Alternatively, people who wish to continue using a physical license can do so as long as they like, the DLT said.

Motorists who are already in possession of a smart license can download the DLT QR License app on iOS and Android.


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