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Thai Immigration extends deadline for ‘COVID extensions’

Thailand’s Immigration Bureau has announced an extension of the so-called ‘COVID extensions’.

The temporary COVID extensions were introduced by Immigration to allow people who were stranded in the country following the closure of borders and other travel disruption due to the pandemic to remain in Thailand without running the risk of overstaying their visas.

The last round of COVID extensions had been extended until the end of November and it was widely expected that would be the end of the goodwill gesture from Immigration after Thailand reopened its borders and after travel restrictions have started to be eased around the world.

However, in a new order dated 23 November 2021, the Immigration Bureau has announced that anyone who remains in Thailand due to the pandemic now has until 25 January 2022 to apply for a COVID extension.

Because a COVID extension grants 60 days permission to remain in Thailand it effectively means that those applying could stay in Thailand until 26 March 2022.

People who currently have a COVID extension can reapply for another extension at their local immigration office. The extension costs 1,900 baht.



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